Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Week One: Movement Notes

Week One:  Movement Introductions
Here are my notes from the Week One class.  These notes are for you to look at and keep for your records of the program. 

Part One:  Draw Skeleton:  Front View and Side View

1.      First Draw the skeleton from front and profile.  Then..When finished..go back and add any color that you want.  The color is your secret code.  What area feels red?  What area feels green?  Purple?  Your color code is entirely according to your feeling.
2.      Take a foto please of your drawing. 

FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS FOR YOU TO THINK ABOUT: (NOTE:  I am not giving you homework.  I am just giving you follow-up questions to think about.) 

1.       Look at an image of an accurate skeleton online.  Compare your drawing to the accurate one.  What is different?  Is the proportion correct or is something larger or smaller than reality?  Why do you have this perception of your body?  Note:  There is not a “correct” answer.  It’s about your perceptions and feelings.  The exercise is to give you an opportunity to look at the differences between your perceptions and reality.  How does your perception of your body affect how you move?  What is different between your profile perception and front view perception?  Did you use all the paper or only half?  Do you move well in your body?  Or do you feel constrained? So many questions to think about! 

Music:  Keith Jarret, The Koln Concert (1975)

Part II:  Journey of the Octopus

1. Cutting the Threads. (The Terrible Spider)
2. Octopus the Dancer
3. Gravity and Anti-Gravity. Floating in water is the perfect environment for Mr. Octopus.
4. Robin Red Breast. Smiling in the Forest. Sunbeams. The smile
5. The Belly Breath
6. Swaying in the Wind. The invisible hand is pushing the bamboo trees to one side. Then the wind goes away and you return to center. East. West. North. South
7. Reach for an Apple. Reaching. Stretching. Apples above you. Flowers behind you. Berries across your body. Gentle stretches.
8. The Deer (Did someone call my name?) Remember: The arm/hand above your head is an extension of the neck of the deer. You are looking over your shoulder. This is a gentle twist and stretch.
9. The Flower: Roll your arms inwards. Narrow in front. Wide in Back. Roll your arms outwards. Narrow in back. Wide in Front. This is a gentle contraction and release of the opposite muscles of the body. It’s also an invitation to breath from the belly.

Music:  Antonio Carlos Jobim: The Wave album, 1967, Brazil

Week Two:  Bring small face towel.  B202 movement space has yoga mats.  Or you can bring your own.  You don’t need to bring a blanket-it’s too much inconvenience.  We can do the exercise with a yoga mat.  The towel is so that you have a clean surface for resting your head. 

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