Monday, June 4, 2018

Microteaching Session #2

Teaching Workshop This Week (June 4~8)

  • Microteaching Demonstrations
  • Make sure micro-teaching materials are in your Teaching Demonstration folder.
  • Check your gmail and accept the invitation to join TTP Kitchen as an author. 
  • After your microteaching, please post and label your activity in the TTP Kitchen. Please also post any worthy activities you observed overseas .
  • Contribute to the Grammar & Language Functions (by grade) megalist
Microteaching Session #2
  • 10-15 minute (mock teachingdemonstration of a lesson component
  • Should include some type of experimentation
  • Sources of Experimentation: overseas experiences, mini-presentations, TTP courses, TTP Kitchen and/or TTP goals
  • Priorities: Realistic, Replicable, Demonstrates TEE (assessment criteria)
  • Must be somewhat unique within your TTP class
  • Preparation Time: May 28~ June 5
  • Demonstrations: June 4 ~ June 12
  • Micro-Teaching Lesson Overview Form (make a copy and save in your Teaching Demonstration Folder)
  • Sign-up  in your Teaching Workshop Group Notes
  • Microteaching Overview Examples: Example#1    Example#2     Example#3
Teaching English in English - Classroom English Megalist  * Checking for Understanding (ICQ & CCQ)
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