Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week#12 Agenda

Teaching Workshop

A Few Lesson Appetizers & Desserts from the TTP Kitchen
To Do
  • Create a presentation doc and/or presentation in your Teaching Demonstration folder
  • Sign-up for 'show and tell' presentation order in your TW Group Notes (Green Blue Red) .
Finish last week's To Do items and get ready for presentations

Extensive Reading
  • Update your ER Log
  • Discuss books you've read so far

TILL Feed Me with Feedly! TTP2018 opml file Blog Tweaking - make sure your blog language is set to English   screenshot and
- that you've chosen a 'simple, 'awesome', or 'notable' theme  screenshot

From Last Week
  • Please add overseas locations of note to the TTP2018 Google Map
  • Add useful vocabulary your learned in Canada to the  Overseas Quizlet (password: timhorton)
  • Add photos that would be helpful to future trainees (related to logistics, classroom environment, etc.) to theTTP 2018 Overseas Albums (Elementary   Secondary) or post them to the Band if you prefer
  • Create a short blog post about your overseas experience. It can be a simple as a photo or a restaurant tip. 

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