Monday, July 30, 2018

After Your Final TD - The Woohoo Club!

After your Teaching Demonstration
1) Make sure you have completed your Teaching Demonstration Overview form - include links to materials and resources.

2)  Post your activities in the TTP Kitchen. You do not need to copy and paste the entire overview, but please make sure to include procedures and materials. Google Presentations can be embedded. Other materials can be uploaded to Google Drive and linked to. Include a summary of feedback, adaptations, variations.

3) Teaching Demonstration Reflection
  • Review the self-assessment criteria and reflection questions 
  • Take another look at your Teaching Demonstration Overview 
  • Enjoy watching your TD video (Be observant, but be KIND) 
  • Complete the online self-assessment form and answer the reflection questions.
4) You are now free to follow your TTP Homestretch Passions. Possibilities include:
  • Enjoying your final hours of ER and make sure your ER logs are up to date 
  • Prepping for return to the classroom

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