Friday, March 16, 2018

Week#2 To Do Items

In class Demonstrations: Kahoot, Quizizz, Padlet, Google Voice Typing (Minimal Pairs Handout) If you have the time (and interest), you can check out some of the first sets of tools we will explore, visit these sections on 

Make sure you have joined the ‘TTP2018 Quizlet Class and have created a Quizlet set entitled ‘YourName TTP2018 Vocabulary’. Add that to the TTP2018 Quizlet Class. Use the ‘BUFS TTP’ class for topic or textbook-based sets.

Please post your video introduction to the Whole Group Band by March 18.

Teaching Workshop: Mini-presentation Preparations
Copy the Mini-presentation Overview form into your Teaching Demonstration folder. Complete the form as soon as can and prepare for your presentation. Aim to be ready to go by Friday March 16.
When ready, sign up for your desired position in the ‘batting order’.    Elementary   Secondary

Extensive Reading
Whenever you have the time and/or need a break from materials prep, dive into your ER book.  Please keep your ER Log updated. You can also start shopping for two books you’d like to order for ER.  To do so, check some of the links below and d start browsing. When you’ve got your Wishlist items, please add links to the TTP ER Shopping List Doc.

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