Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week#3 To Do List

Go to the Week#3 post and check out the Presentations Guide and Video Guide.
As always, make sure your ER Log and personal Quizlet Vocab set are up-to-date. 

End of the Week Goals
- Quizlet Vocab with at least 30 words
- post a slideshare or Google presentation on your blog
- add at least one video you use in your teaching to the Elementary or Secondary YouTube playlist
- post at least one video or playlist on your blog.

Teaching Workshop: Mini- Presentation ‘batting order’.    Elementary   Secondary
Please comment on your classmates mini-presentations by adding feedback on their Mini-presentation Overviews in the Teaching Demonstration Folder.
Start preparing for your overseas cultural presentation: Cultural Resources for Overseas Presentations
Cultural Topic Sign-up:  Elementary   Secondary

Extensive Reading
Whenever you have the time and/or need a break from materials prep, dive into your ER book. Please keep your ER Log updated. If you haven't already done so, add your two book requests to the TTP ER Shopping List Doc. If you have and there are some other books you'd like to see in the TTP library, please add them at the bottom of the Doc.

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