Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week#4 Agenda (TW, TILL, & ER)

Teaching Workshop:
This week’s primary task. Prepare your overseas cultural presentation : Cultural Resources for Overseas Presentations Cultural Topic Sign-up:  Elementary   Secondary
Next week we will practice lesson delivery
Mini- Presentations  Secondary
Please comment on your classmates mini-presentations by adding feedback on their Mini-presentation Overviews in the Teaching Demonstration Folder.

Go to the Week#4 TILL post, check out the Audio Guide and work on Audio 'To Do List' items.
As always, make sure your ER Log and personal Quizlet Vocab set are up-to-date.

Extensive Reading
Whenever you have the time and/or need a break from materials prep, dive into your ER book. Please keep your ER Log updated.

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